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Houses, several corners of the world. 2012.


This is a project entitled Houses, several corners of the world, which consists in a series of 70 drawings with collage on coloured cardboards with the dimension 15x30cm. Each support has a different colour and that colour becomes fundamental in the composition of the work, connecting with the architectonic language that draws each landscape. Despite each drawing survives autonomously, the project comprises its exhibition as a frieze, with a 4 centimetres distance between each one, which draws a chromatic line of about 24 meters in the exhibition room – creating an idea of travel and passage in a closed room as the museum or gallery. The purpose is, in fact, to draw a colourful line in the architectonic space, interfering with our perception of it.

This project approaches the idea of game and exploration of different possibilities of organization, conjugation, articulation, dialogue and exhibition: as there isn’t a specific predetermined order to exhibit the drawings, there are distinct possibilities of articulating the several supports, according distinct possibilities of chromatic interaction.

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